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Relationships can be tough and may need alot of work. Let us help you through your problems and rekindle that fire.

A place to talk about your everyday problems. We provide a safe zone for you to get anything off of your chest.

Having a healthy, mind, body, and spirit is key to living a happy life. Let us help you find your inner balance.

If you need finding the right career path that will make you happy, we can help guide you.


Our clients are just as important to us

” I didn’t know what to think of your services and I felt stupid for paying someone to listen to me rant. But this was so helpful and enlightening. I felt like you actually listened to me with no judgement. You made me figure out what my issues were on my own and directed me in which I felt was best. I think I found my life coach. I never realized sometimes we just need someone to “vent” to. I will definitely tell people of your services and will be booking more sessions. As you can see, my life can be a bit messy. TY again. “

Heather B.
Brooklyn, NY

” You are truly so gifted and wise with your words and you have so much to offer the world. I am condifent that you will do great things and achieve all of the success you deserve. You should honestly consider starting a podcast, the value you have to offer is incredible. Blessings to you always. “

Trisha N.
Brooklyn, NY

” Thanks to all of your motivational quotes, I have honestly been able to move on from my last relationship. I finally noticed it was a toxic relationship and that is all thanks to these quotes, I noticed what was right.  “

Lisa M.
Jackson Heights, NY

” I just want to take a moment to aknowledge you and say thank you! You gave me courage and helped me through on the most difficult and trying times of my life “

Johnathan A.
Broston, MA

“I have gotten so much off of my chest with The Venting Zone. lately everyting seems like it’s been trying to knock me down but thanks to your service, I have been able to keep my myself sane. BEST ADVICE EVER!! Thanks for all of the pick me ups and all of the words of encouragement. Seriously, no one better to turn to then The Venting Zone!!! Go follow them on IG and book a conversation today for some venting and great advice. “

Elizabeth G.
Queens, NY

” There was a point where I felt like I hit an all time low in my life. I scrolled instagram one night and came across The Venting Zone page. I started reading the quotes and felt inspired, so much so that it became a daily morning routine. My days are not as dark anymore and I realized that your IG page is part of the reason. I look forward to booking my first session pretty soon. “

Jason H.
Brooklyn, NY
What we believe in
Having someone in your corner to help you through your good and bad times is necessary.
About us

Mental health is an important necessity in our lives. We often put our emotions in a box because we are taught to be strong and showing emotion can be a weakness. The Venting Zone was created to help people with their everyday problems.

It is a safe place to discuss whatever is on your mind with no fear of judgement. A one on one session or recurring sessions, it’s up to you. You decide when and how. You will learn how to take control of your life, your self-esteem and your confidence. You will develop healthy coping skills to help you respond to life’s challenging situations.

Whether a long standing issue or a current situation that needs attention, working together, you can take control of this moment, your life and your future. Whether it be dealing with a loved one, relationship, illness.

There 4 Steps To achieve Your emotional Success

We do more than just listen, we help you find solutions to every problem.

Step 1

Put the nerves aside and contact us.

Step 2

Now that you've made contact, schedule your first session.

Step 3

After the sessions is booked, we will help you analyze your situation.

Step 4

Now that we understand the problem. we help you find a solution and insist on making the changes needed.

Mental Health Is Important
It is important that we look after our mental health. Some of us can’t afford an expensive co-pay or therapist. Good therapist are hard to find and can take weeks to be “scheduled in” and by that time, it can be too late.
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How can we help you?

The purpose of our service is to get you through the day when you feel like you can’t. We offer a ear to listen to your problems and act as a guide to your solutions. We understand that life happens and it can be difficult at times.
We help our clients through the tough break ups, family death, illness, motivation, and much more. We create a safe environment for all of our clients to speak candid and free while offering the best solutions that fit their needs.